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The Trivium Explained

The Trivium

The three tools of learning


In the grammar stage, children are naturally curious and can easily memorize incredible amounts of information. Classical education takes advantage of this stage, training students to absorb large amounts of material, whether math facts, rules of phonics, events and dates in history, facts in science, or Latin grammar rules. This stage lays the academic foundation for all future areas of study.


With a firm foundation of knowledge, students at this age naturally begin asking questions. They are ready to begin logically reasoning and analyzing information. Students are challenged to look at cause and effect, make logical connections, and question, examine and organize the facts they have learned.


Students now have the maturity to use the large body of knowledge they possess, and are ready to form conclusions and express themselves with eloquence and confidence. Students are taught to communicate their judgments based on facts, research, and the connections made earlier. They are able to articulate their arguments in writing and public speaking, enabling them to take their place as scholars and citizens.

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