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What's Inside?

  • DISCOVER Classical Christian Education: Essential Guide for Parents

    • This magazine provides a nice overview of what classical Christian education is. Read about the hallmarks of classical Christian education, the key differences between classical education and modern education, and more. ​

  • The Classical Difference: Good Soil Report

    • This magazine outlines the Good Soil Study that measures the outcomes of classical Christian graduates compared to their peers in prep school, public school, traditional religious school, and homeschool. Categories include: Christian Life, Life Outlook, College and Career Preparedness and more. ​

  • Trinitas Classical Academy brochure

    • This brochure includes a condensed overview of classical Christian education and our contact information. A nice piece of literature to pass on to friends or family. ​

  • Trinitas Classical Academy FAQ sheet​​

    • A list of the most up-to-date questions and answers about Trinitas Classical Academy.

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