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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Trinitas Classical Academy’s first school year? Trinitas Classical Academy plans begin in the fall of 2024 with grades 4k-2. TCA will add a grade level each year up to grade 12. Please contact us if you have older children are interested in enrolling at TCA, depending on the grade level we may be able to accomodate!

Who will teach? Our goal is to hire educators who live out their Christian values in their professional and personal life, have a passion for the content they are teaching, and who are lifelong learners. Our curriculum provider, Memoria Press, provides teacher training at their model school - Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY as well as an online Master’s degree program for classical Christian teachers. We also have a Memoria Press school representative who will make visits to our school to help with teacher training and curriculum. We plan to utilize all resources available to us to best equip our teachers to provide the highest level of education to our students.

Is TCA affiliated with a church? TCA is not affiliated with any church. TCA is a non-denominational Christian classical school.

What is the application process like? An important component to keeping classical Christian schools thriving in academics, school culture and discipleship is the application process. We truly believe that the school and family should be in partnership with each other and working together in imparting the same morals and values to their children. Therefore, the application process includes an application, a pastoral reference, and a family interview. If you do not currently have a home church, please fill out the top portion of the pastoral reference and turn in with your application.

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